Sample Media Schedule

The 4C’s of Social Media Content

Put on your creative cap and start generating ways to get the word out and share your story in a clear, concise, and consistent manner. You can organize your creative efforts into the 4 C’s of Social Media: Content, Conversation, Community and Connection.


Content is the bread and butter of your messaging and includes your story, quality visuals and pictures—all the ingredients of compelling storytelling.


By definition, a conversation includes two or more people—so you will want to avoid one- sided sales talk and plan ways to encourage your audience to engage with you. Ask for ideas, feedback, participation in events—real and virtual. Tell your story in small, tasty bites that stimulate meaningful connections and conversations.


Get to know your community—the people involved in your conversations. Segment them by how you know them, their interests, and affinity groups. What social channels do they frequent? Make sure you are on those channels. Who can you tag? Whose content or perspectives can you share to connect more people to the project? Everyone on your team should participate in this process.


Here’s where the magic happens—the synergy between your content, conversation and community. People are engaged. They are reading your content. If you don’t see this; take a step back and think about what’s important to the community you’ve created. What kinds of content do they want? On what channels?

Don’t hesitate to engage your team and ask for help. Create a social media schedule so you can see the big picture of prelaunch, launch, campaign and post campaign. Put together a daily media calendar that will tell you what you need to be posting every day of your campaign. (Daily calendars can help you earn up to 180% more!) Ask a media savvy member of your team to help or take charge of the process. Prepare posts in advance. Look at what other campaigns are doing for inspiration.

Pro Tip: Update your social media profiles!

Be sure your basic info (Profile, website, photos) is correct and relevant to your campaign.