Know Your Why

Every business can easily state ‘what’ they do. Most can articulate ‘how they do it,’— but few businesses know ‘why’ they exist. — Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, uses a diagram that he calls “The Golden Circle,” to help businesses and organizations discover and articulate their WHYs. Let’s try it – moving from the outermost circle inward.

Step 1: Describe what you do.

Write down everything that comes to mind about what your company or organization does. What product or service is offered? To whom? For example, Jordan’s coffee shop sells coffees and coffee drinks as well as food items to residents and visitors to her community.

Step 2: Describe how you do it.

Write down your processes—how you get your products and services to your customers. What makes your approach uniquely your own? Jordan’s coffee shop specializes in organic and healthy food and beverages. The atmosphere is friendly and conducive to gatherings and community connections.

Step 3: Describe WHY you do it.

This is where the magic happens! Write down the things your company or organization does that make the world a better place. What are your beliefs that inform these activities? What excites you and “lights you up” about making a difference in the world? For Jordan, it’s all about community. She believes that a healthy and close-knit community is safer, kinder, and more sustainable. That’s WHY her café offers healthy food and provides a welcoming environment conducive to community building.

Step 4: Apply your answers to your upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

What is your campaign project? What it is going to empower you to accomplish? How are you planning to do it? Why is it important? How does it help people and make the world a better place? What will inspire contributors to give? How will it benefit them? How will it benefit you and your company?