Getting 30 Percent Commitment

Getting 30% Commitment and Navigating the Lull

The two-humped camel shows how successful campaigns work by securing 30% commitment early (the first hump). This quick rise in funding demonstrates that the campaign is popular, successful and trustworthy. Newcomers to the campaign see the success and feel good about contributing, which gives rise to the second hump that takes the campaign to the finish line.

Tips for securing early commitment:

  • Have all campaign team members make personal asks to friends and family.

  • Create pre-launch excitement with emails, press releases, interviews, and social media.

  • Plan a “Soft Launch” about a week before your scheduled launch. You and your team can send the campaign link to close contacts and friends asking them to fund early.

  • Load offline fundraising contributions in advance of your launch day.

Tips for maximizing outreach:

  • Look to your community for sponsored rewards or matching contributions.

  • Use TLC platform tools such as “Campaign Heroes” and “Champions” to energize giving and recognition of those who really jump on board to help out.

  • Gather funds offline. For example, set out donation jars next to your cash register or at your next event. You can enter these totals into the backend of the software to show how your campaign total grows.

  • Host in-person or virtual events to raise awareness for your campaign’s goals and show off your list of irresistible rewards.

Most crowdfunding campaigns experience a Valley of Death—a trough of activity that follows the initial surge of interest and precedes the final rush to the finish line. This feels a lot like a lull—but don’t be fooled into thinking that nothing is going on. If your first hump comes up high enough and fast enough (about 30% of your goal in the first four days), then the lull is really the time for you to activate the second hump. The second hump is made up of people who fund the campaign because they have been referred by early funders, or who respond to your outreach and marketing efforts.

Tips for navigating the lull between the humps:

  • Now is the time to reach to a wider audience. Brainstorm with your team on where you can go next for support and the media channels to use.

  • Launch new rewards to build excitement around a different offering that your growing audience will be delighted to share.

  • Update your early contributors about your campaign progress, new rewards and other news. Ask them to share the campaign with their friends, workplace and connections on social media.

  • Emphasize sharing on social media and direct emails with incentives like giveaways, discounts, or unveiling a new reward!

  • Create updated press releases and digital content for social media and newsletter lists. Feature campaign updates, celebrate wins, and share what’s needed to move forward to reach your goals.

  • Reach out to affinity groups that will be curious about your campaign. Think of all the different types of groups that might be interested in your work. Also, reach out to all the groups that you and your team belong to.