Creating Irresistible Rewards

Campaign Rewards are an important part of your campaign story. Creative rewards encourage financial contribution to your campaign in exchange for goods, services, and experiences. The most successful campaigns offer a variety of rewards curated for their audience to both “shop” for themselves and support a business or organization they love.

What makes a crowdfunding reward irresistible?

  • A great deal

  • A new technology or product that people can’t wait to try

  • Exclusive parties, dinners, openings, receptions, performances

  • Something fun, entertaining or instructional

  • Access to expertise—consultants, artists, musicians

  • Everyday necessities that people buy all the time

  • Something that shines with the unique personality of your enterprise

Get your team together and brainstorm! See how many creative, wacky, wild and wonderful ideas that you can come up with—that are uniquely suited to your project. Spend time with each type of reward: pre-sales of products or services, experiences, naming, and sponsored rewards. Consider rewards for different price points — low to high. Plan to have about nine rewards at all times. You can add rewards throughout your campaign to keep interest high, replace sold out items, and encourage people to visit your campaign often. Be sure to consider the cost of your rewards and shipping in your budget.

Presale of Goods or Services

What products and services do you normally offer? How can you package them to entice contributors? A special price? Regular allocation (monthly latte, a year’s worth of yoga, etc.)? Examples: Gift certificates; Baskets of goodies; Special or limited editions; T-Shirts, mugs, bags, swag; Limited time pricing.


Think of all the places you could paint, carve or engrave someone’s name like plaques, bricks, walls. Be sure to consider items specific to your organization, like kegs for a brew pub, window displays, art studios, restaurant rooms, etc. The more exclusive the opportunity—the more expensive the reward. Ideas: Pictures of people on CD covers, programs, play bills, events; Opportunities to name menu items, products, fashions, designs.

Sponsored Rewards

Sponsored rewards are products, services, or experiences donated by a business in your community to support your campaign goal. These offerings are great marketing opportunities for businesses as they become campaign heroes and usually get some new customers out of the exchange. Examples: Think of everyone you and your team know that might have a reward they can offer. Gift certificates are great sponsored rewards; Experiences. A night at a local B&B, concert, dance, meal, theater, etc. Expertise—consulting services, coaching, training, classes.


Think about the supply chain of your product or service—what is interesting about it? Who among suppliers might want to help you by offering an experience? Ideas: Do you have a facility for a tour or reception? Any local “celebrities” that would be willing to host events (musicians, writers, leaders, officials)? Workflow process and manufacturing tours? Classes and workshops? Is there an outdoor component to your work such as hayrides, hikes, bird watching?