Womxn of Color Wellness Center Expansion

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Womxn of Color Therapy is expanding, and we would love your support! We have a rare opportunity to acquire a home below market value at an amazingly low 2% interest rate! Picture a welcoming, cozy space where teens and womxn of color can come together and experience an array of healing services, including outdoor therapy sessions, energy healing, yoga, and plant medicine retreats. Your support will make a significant difference in our community!


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Funds Raised


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My name is Tamika Lewis, Clinical Director and Founder of Womxn of Color Therapy. In 2009, a beloved friend of mine tragically passed due to an unfortunate battle with depression. This experience marked the second loss of a college mate to depression. Despite appearing strong and resilient, these women were battling mental illness in silence. I became interested in understanding the disconnect between how we as women present to the world and what we're dealing with inside.

In further research, I learned that treatment rates for major depression are lowest in Hispanic communities and lower in Black communities due to access to and lack of culturally competent care providers. This inspired me to open the doors of WOC Therapy to help bridge the gap in mental health services for people of color.  

This fall, the Womxn of Color Wellness Center is opening its doors, providing teens and women of color access to counseling, energy healing, yoga, plant medicine retreats, and more. Womxn of color are transforming the world in remarkable ways, but we still face disproportionate rates of depression, anxiety, and physical illness. 

At the heart of our approach lies our dedicated healers who strive to integrate cultural beliefs and practices into the treatment planning. Our clinicians create a safe and welcoming environment where clients can find solace and healing. The womxn we support feel heard and understood, leading to more effective mental health treatments and a renewed sense of hope.

WOC Therapy Team

Your support allows us to expand our current practice into a home. We have the unique opportunity to secure a residence in our local community below market value at a 2% interest rate.  This is a unique, time-bound opportunity with only one thing standing in the way.  We need to raise $58,000 towards the down payment.  This will allow us to start renovations by June and open the doors of the WOC Wellness Center by September. The new WOC Wellness Center is committed to merging conventional therapy with culturally rooted practices such as sisterhood, storytelling, body movement, and plant medicine to heal future generations.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Campaign Rewards


WOC Self-Care Journal

Receive a digital copy of the WOC Self-Care Guide with weekly journal prompts & exercises.

1 backers
199 rewards left


Purchase a ticket to our Grand Opening

Join us for a night of music, appetizers, and more as we celebrate our grand opening!

Estimated Delivery: October, 2023
11 backers
89 rewards left


30 - Minute Astrology Reading with Nita (virtual)

This session will shine a light on your relationships, natural gifts, soul's purpose, ways to avoid turmoil, and more! Nita is amazing! https://www.worldloveon.com/myservices

Reward no longer available.
8 backers
0 rewards left


60-minute Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnotherapy harnesses the power of your mind to soothe your body & comfort your emotions, steering towards your own path to health.

Reward no longer available.
4 backers
0 rewards left


Labyrinth Dedication

Have a stone in our labyrinth personalized by a local artist in honor of your contribution.

Estimated Delivery: October, 2023
1 backers
9 rewards left


Energy Healing - 3 sessions

Reiki healing offers a gentle way to relax, regulate the nervous system & attune the body.

Estimated Delivery: December, 2023
1 backers
4 rewards left


Gift a Therapy Package

Gift a package of 4 therapy sessions to a friend or loved one.

Estimated Delivery: October, 2023
0 backers
5 rewards left


VIP Day Retreat

Day Retreat includes a 2-hour coaching intensive to uncover relationship and money blocks—lunch in the garden, a 90-minute Energy Healing session, and a private cacao closing ceremony.

0 backers
5 rewards left


Have a Room Dedicated in Your Honor

Work with a local artist to create a personalized mural for one of our four healing rooms. Plus, attend our VIP opening and receive a complementary service.

Estimated Delivery: October, 2023
0 backers
5 rewards left

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Anonymous Oceanside, CA May 31, 2023
Gunjun Nanda Buena Park, CA May 31, 2023
Anonymous Richardson, TX May 28, 2023
Anonymous Austin, TX May 28, 2023
Jeanna Heck McCann Santa Ana, CA May 28, 2023
Jadah Sellner Walnut Creek, CA May 27, 2023
Jadah Sellner Walnut Creek, CA May 27, 2023
Olusinmi Bamgbose View Park, CA May 26, 2023
Bea Benedicto North Hollywood, CA May 25, 2023
Andrea Lucia Thurk Charlestown, MA May 23, 2023
Anonymous El Sobrante, CA May 22, 2023
Anonymous Woodland Hills, CA May 22, 2023
Silke Schroeder Rancho Palos Verdes, CA May 22, 2023
Nicole Walters Sherman Oaks, CA May 20, 2023
Tracy Low Sherman oaks, CA May 18, 2023
Anonymous Los Angeles, CA May 17, 2023
Anonymous Los Angeles, CA May 16, 2023
Annette Sarver Encino, CA May 16, 2023
Hope Fowlkes Sherman Oaks, CA May 13, 2023
Murad Campbell Plano, TX May 12, 2023
Jessica Tanir Miami, FL May 12, 2023
Dina Wizmur New York, NY May 11, 2023
Andrea Nunez Castaic, CA May 11, 2023
Anonymous Los Angeles, CA May 09, 2023
Anonymous Sherman Oaks, CA May 08, 2023
Alexis Smith Chula Vista, CA May 06, 2023
Anonymous West Hollywood, CA May 04, 2023
Joanna Callas Encino, CA May 04, 2023
Carisa Montooth Los Alamitos, CA May 04, 2023
Terri Enghofer Wales, WI May 03, 2023
LaQuita Cleare Studio city, CA May 03, 2023
Bahman Omrani Sherman Oaks, CA May 02, 2023
Carissa Mendez-Munder Yorba Linda, CA May 01, 2023
Alice Hicks Leesburg, GA May 01, 2023
Bobbie Sessions Austin, TX April 30, 2023
Jadah Sellner Walnut Creek, CA April 29, 2023
Jadah Sellner Walnut Creek, CA April 29, 2023
Rob Morris Los Angeles, CA April 28, 2023
Carla Ruiz N HOLLYWOOD, CA April 28, 2023
Shelby McIntyre Studio City, CA April 27, 2023
Arpi Pogosyan Glendale, CA April 27, 2023
Bobbie BattleCarter Murrieta, CA April 26, 2023
Anonymous Los Angeles, CA April 26, 2023
Jordan Kirschner Sherman Oaks, CA April 26, 2023
Pavan Basra North Hollywood, CA April 25, 2023
Raj Basra Porter Ranch, CA April 24, 2023
Anonymous irvine, CA April 24, 2023
Elizabeth G’Sell Irvine, CA April 23, 2023
Karen Zieff Marblehead, MA April 23, 2023
Jason Brooks Los Angeles, CA April 22, 2023
Dawn Lewis-Beckley Los Angeles, CA April 21, 2023
Dawn Lewis-Beckley Los Angeles, CA April 21, 2023
Maria Brito Brooklyn, NY April 21, 2023
Anonymous Holyoke, MA April 21, 2023
Dr. JoAnne Umezurike Menifee, CA April 21, 2023
Stacy Batzdorf Berkeley, CA April 21, 2023
Peggy Robinson Wake Forest, NC April 21, 2023
Jon-Paul Bird North Hollywood, CA April 20, 2023
Ruchika Tulshyan Seattle, WA April 19, 2023
La’Kita Williams Redmond, WA April 19, 2023
Victoria Smith Chula Vista, CA April 19, 2023
Laura Alongi Brinderson PALOS VERDES ESTATES, CA April 19, 2023
Brandi Fletcher Phoenix, AZ April 19, 2023
Greg Ogan Brookline, MA April 19, 2023
Candice Mackey Inglewood, CA April 19, 2023
John Anderson Los Angeles, CA April 18, 2023
Lindsey Brown Woodland Hills, CA April 18, 2023
Claudia Domnicz Sherman Oaks, CA April 18, 2023
Taly Bar Canoga, CA April 18, 2023
Paula Reavlin Studio City, CA April 18, 2023
Elicia McIntyre Rockville, MD April 18, 2023
Zeahlot Lopez Encino, CA April 18, 2023
Menije Boduryan-Turner Woodland Hills, CA April 17, 2023
Michelle Kais Jupiter, FL April 17, 2023
Traci Lewis Tujunga, CA April 17, 2023
Megan Brown Burbank, CA April 17, 2023
Jessica Snyder Ventura, CA April 17, 2023
Sandra Cordero Calabasas, CA April 17, 2023
silke schroeder Rancho Palos Verdes, CA April 17, 2023
Sherrard Lewis Sparta, GA April 17, 2023
Hilda Moke Katy, TX April 17, 2023
Jessica Etting Encino, CA April 17, 2023
Nedra Williams Dallas, TX April 16, 2023
Jessica Snyder Ventura, CA April 15, 2023
Roma Womack Menifee, CA April 13, 2023
Mike Meshkin Newport Beach, CA April 12, 2023
Yvonne Otani Sacramento, CA April 12, 2023
Meri Cherry Bell canyon, CA April 11, 2023
Andrea Adelson Venice, CA April 11, 2023

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